• Apex Bakery

    Est. 1924

    Barossa's original wood oven bakehouse

    Family owned and run for 4 Generations

    Rocking the old school vibe

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    True Sourdough

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  • What We're about

    We have a mission to preserve the true Barossa style of Baking.

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    Back in the day

    What We're Made Of

    Apex Bakery was founded in 1924 by Mr Albert Hoffmann. Two years later a young chap by the name of Keith Fechner stuck his head inside the door and asked if there was any work going. Keith was 12 years young and started work that day.


    Time went by and when Keith was 33 the opportunity to buy the Bakery arose. Begging and borrowing money from where ever he could, Keith, now known as "Chiney", managed to secure the Bakery.


    From "Chiney" to Nipper, Dave and Jonny and now onto Corey the business has stayed in the Fechner family. Four generations of bakers baking Barossa breads beautifully.


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    Our Doughs

    Dough Boys in the Mix

    We specialise in slow ferment recipes. All of our doughs go through a minimum 10 hour ferment and some up to 16 hours. This is the way "Chiney" Fechner learnt how to do it and we think he got it right the first time.


    There is only one oven in our hearts and that's our famous Wood Fired Scotch Oven.


    While the Legend has grown, it is most definitely true that the oven has been fired and used every working day since we opened in 1924.


    We are not only known for our breads though - you must try our locally renown hang over cure - the Apex Pasty

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    1a Elizabeth Street, Tanunda
    South Australia
    Mon-Fri 7.00 - 16.30
    Sat 8.00 - 14.00
    (Sun Closed)
    08 8563 0000
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  • Postions Available

    We Want You!


    Are you a pasionate cook. We need a cook to come on board and help deveolpe some of our recipes and introduce some new flavours. Early hours are a part of the gig - gives you the rest of the day to enjoy!


    We are always on the hunt to quality full time or part time Bakers - get in touch if you're keen to try your hand at some old school baking!